How to create particles?

To create particles with GML, you need (1) a Particle System, and (2) a Particle Type.

A Particle System can be created in a controller object:

/// Create event
global.partSystem = part_system_create();
part_system_depth(global.partSystem, -100); // Set depth

/// Clean Up event

This particle system will be used for creating particles.

The actual particles that will be created, will come from Particle Types. Here is an example of one particle type:

global.ptBasic = part_system_create();

part_type_shape(global.ptBasic, part_type_disk);
part_type_life(global.ptBasic, 30, 40);
part_type_alpha2(global.ptBasic, 1, 0);

This particle type will have a disk shape, a life of between 30 and 40 steps (selected at random), and an alpha fading from 1 to 0.

This can then be created anywhere, anytime, using this function:

part_particles_create(global.partSystem, x, y, global.ptBasic, 1);

The particle will be created in the specified particle system.