How to move an instance?

To move an instance, you can modify its x and y properties. x is the instance’s horizontal position, and y is the vertical position.

// Moves the instance to 320, 400 in the room
x = 320;
y = 400;

You can also use the built-in variables hspeed and vspeed to set the horizontal speed and vertical speed of the instance, respectively.

// Tells the instance to move left horizontally, and down vertically
hspeed = -4;
vspeed = 4;

This should automatically make them move, once you set the speed value(s).

However, it is recommended to create your own variables for movement, usually called hsp and vsp. You can add them to the x and y variables respectively, in the Step event.

hsp = -4;
vsp = 4;

x += hsp;
y += vsp;