How to use scripts? (2.2.5)

Scripts allow you to create custom functions. You can call your script function, pass in arguments, run some code in it, and expect a result; just like a regular built-in function.

This will change once version 2.3 is out.

/// @desc is_player_dead
/// @arg player

if (argument0.hp == 0) {
    return true;
else {
    return false;

This is a script function that checks if a player is dead. You pass in a player instance as an argument; it returns true if that player’s hp is equal to 0, otherwise, it returns false.

This function can be called and the return value can be stored in a variable:

/// Example: in a for() loop
var _is_dead = is_player_dead(players[i]);

if (_is_dead) {
    show_debug_message("Player " + string(i) + " is dead.");