How to use surfaces?

A Surface is a rectangular canvas where something can be drawn. Everything in that surface will not be drawn to the screen until you draw it yourself.

Creating a surface is simple:

surface = surface_create(width, height);

To draw something to that surface, you need to set the draw target to that surface:


// Draw in the surface
draw_circle(60, 60, 32, 0);
draw_rectangle(100, 120, 400, 380, 0);

// Reset target when done drawing

This will not be drawn to the screen – it will only be saved to the surface.

To draw it to the screen, you can use this function:

draw_surface(surface, 0, 0);

Surfaces are volatile, as in, they can get destroyed automatically. So when dealing with a surface, always make sure that it exists first:

if (surface_exists(surface)) {

You can also just re-create it if it doesn’t exist; this is usually done in the Draw Begin event.

if (!surface_exists(surface)) {
    surface = surface_create(width, height);